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Specializes in architecture and interior design of apartments and private homes. Combines architecture with interior design, a combination that allows customers to provide the best and most professional architectural service. The technological changes that are constantly taking place in the field, require not only constant creation but also the creation of new tools that redefine our concept of design Total design. With tackling and meeting the budgetary, aesthetic, technological and legal goals of each and every project.

I believe that a successful construction project fulfills the dreams of customers, meets all its requirements and contributes to improving the quality of life in his home. Experience has taught me to adapt and understand the needs and desires of clients: location, culture, dedicated programs, and funding. All of these are taken into consideration and embedded in a final product related to its environment. The variety of aspects and aspects of architectural design work is derived from the broad field in which I operate: I plan and design private homes and apartments with an emphasis on the luxury apartment market.

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Ariel Cohen


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